Counting down the days to publication

Scary as it is, the time for changes to my novel has passed. Each night I think of something new to add or how my characters might react differently in conversations and situations they are confronted by. Too late! The manuscript has been proofread and it’s off to the printers. Bookshops have been sent advance information for them to get excited about (or most likely, to ignore under the heavy weight of other stuff to read and deal with). So it’s all now down to marketing, good luck and hopefully, favourable responses.

There are still decisions to be made on whether international versions or e-books are a good idea. At the moment, it’s print only.

I’ll post up the cover in a few days. In the meantime, the marketing puff is on this site (‘Information for booksellers’). I hope it sounds promising to you!

Author: Richard Smith

I'm a writer and storyteller and for much if my life produced sponsored films and commercials. Subjects were as varied as bananas in Cameroon, oil from the North Sea, fighting organised crime and caring for older people. Their aim was always to make a positive difference, but, worryingly, two commercials I worked on featured in a British Library exhibition, ‘Propaganda’.

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